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Benchmarking Services

You can’t manage what you don’t measure! Benchmarking energy and water use is a critical tool for managing sustainable and resilient buildings. Whether you need to comply with a city ordinance or financing requirement, are interested in comparing the performance of buildings across your portfolio, or trying to achieve sustainability goals, we are here to help.

Why benchmark your buildings?

  • Compare energy and water performance year-to-year, within a portfolio or nationally

  • Identify utility usage outliers

  • Set investment priorities

  • Verify and track energy and water savings

  • Generate performance reports

  • Get a 1-100 ENERGY STAR® score 

  • Support sustainability goals

  • Comply with municipal benchmarking ordinances

  • Participate in the Better Buildings Challenge & ENERGY STAR® programs and certifications

  • Be recognized!

Get Started

Whatever your goal is, we can help. Please fill the form below or Contact us at to learn more.

energy star.jpg

The Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® certification is a nationally recognized designation that puts your building in the top tier of energy efficient buildings. ENERGY STAR® certification can help your building secure more competitive financing terms, communicate your sustainability values to your tenants, and place your property among a selective national grouping of the highest performing buildings across the country. Elaton Energy’s efficiency experts are here to help from the start of the process—setting up your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® profile—through to the end with our in-house licensed professionals to validate your application.

Ordinance or Financing Compliance

Elaton Energy will:

  • Clarify whether your building is required to comply

  • If applicable, request an exemption on your behalf

  • Gather building use characteristics

  • Gather whole-building gas and electric energy use from utilities

  • Set up and complete an ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® building account

  • Have our certified energy professionals verify the completed ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® building account

  • Submit your building to the municipal or financing entity before the compliance deadline

  • Summarize the results of your building’s performance

Portfolio-Wide Benchmarking and Achieving Sustainability Goals

Elaton Energy has years of experience analyzing energy and water use across thousands of buildings throughout the region. We believe that monitoring utility use and cost gives you the right tools to manage and track your energy and water usage in order to optimize your operating budget. We can help you choose the right tracking platform, set up your building profiles, and train your staff.

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