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As an ENERGY STAR partner, Elaton is committed to helping end-users document every effort to reduce energy use intensity and dependence on fossil fuels. The ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool is a free, yet complex, software package that repays regular use and training. Elaton currently benchmarks more than 50 buildings and nearly 10 million square feet in Portfolio Manager using automated web services under its service mark, E-NRG Pro. Elaton is listed among the 100 most active Portfolio Manager service providers nationwide.


On-site solar and wind generation are complex capital projects, and off-site renewable energy contracts may fall short of your organization’s effort to be good stewards of energy resources. The EPA Clean Power Plan places increasing emphasis on managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) through renewables or efficiency and conservation measures. Elaton monitors regulatory initiatives and utility rebate programs to identify cost-effective opportunities to reduce GHG and carbon footprint.


Despite changes in competitive energy markets, utilities remain on the front line for service requests, including new service connections, existing billing and metering problems and new rate requirements and designs. Elaton monitors the ICC and works with utility account and engineering managers on a daily basis to ensure reasonable, timely and uniform service standards for all our clients. We help end-users verify current rates and billing and anticipate new rates.


Gas and electric transmission owners and developers are scrambling to match up with developments in production and generation. When a mismatch occurs, whether by polar vortex or EPA Clean Power Plan, obscure billing items like basis or ancillary service can blow up monthly budgets by orders of magnitude. Elaton monitors market support services on a daily basis, verifying billed rates and documenting trends that affect medium and long-term budget outlooks.


Competitive energy markets in Illinois opened up last century, yet have barely reached maturity. End-users are often obliged to start from square one with each new contract term. Elaton tracks prices, trends and supplier market share on a daily basis. We help end-users compare suppliers on equal footing and choose contract terms, conditions and risk management programs that best fit the needs of your organization.

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